More research! Even though I’ve completed my stories I’m still interested in learning more about Ancient Greek history, and the Odyssey. Some of the research I’m doing today will be incorporated into my storybook in the coming revisions, and some of the research has inspired me to chance certain things about the storybook.

Units of Time in Ancient Greece? (wiki) Of course the ancient greeks measured day/night and had a rough calendar year, but it wasn’t near as accurate as the later Romans and then the Gregorian calendar. Greeks measured time with sundials and water clocks, and interestingly their days commenced/rolled over at sunset. This makes sense because their calendar “months” followed the cycle of the moon. Little is known about the specifics of ancient greek chronology during the Archaic and Dark ages since so little was recorded and it was around 3000 years ago. I wanted to change a unit of time in my storybook, but after research I think I’ll just leave it at ‘month’.

I recently looked at a lot of Heaven, Hell, and Dante’s Inferno related artwork after this week’s reading. This got me thinking about all the Odyssey related artwork and what some of the most notable paintings and sculptures might be. Found this thoughtco article and blogpost that covers it! I’ll embed some of my favorites. This article also outlines some of the famous sequels that long after the Odyssey, like François Fénelon’s The Adventures of Telemachus written in 1699!

I also wanted to look into the relationship between Odysseus and Athena, as the Goddess is frequently mentioned in the Odyssey. I found this medium article that states that Athena is essentially the divine protector of Odysseus, offering all sorts of physical guidance and protection, wit, advice, and worldly advantages. I also watched this youtube video that covers a conflict between Athena and Poseidon, and as Odysseus is constantly at odds with Poseidon and poking out his son’s eye and such, I’m going to infer that maybe Athena is also assisting Odysseus to spite the sea God. It should be noted that Odysseus is himself an exceptionally gifted individual, so it’s not like Athena is giving him all these powers/advantages, but that he is worthy of the additional gifts Athena is giving him.

featured image source, Athena sculpture at the Louvre!

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