I didn’t quite know what to think of Microfiction when I saw the title in Storylab weeks past. I see now how perfectly suited this new genre is to my generation and to modern social media platforms. Waning are the days of sitting for an extended period of time and reading a book. The pace of Western lifestyle paired with our 140 character interactions, texting slang and emojis, disappearing snaps, tik-toks, etc. are all moving away from traditional long-format conversation, media, and entertainment. If it isn’t already, I could see microfiction experiencing a huge spike in interest in generations to come, and for good reason! I feel like children’s literature has trended towards shorter stories through the years, so today’s writers in this genre might be rewarded in years to come for getting ahead of the curve. I foresee there always being a visual element to children’s books, but the format might change in years to come. Maybe as paper becomes increasingly expensive/environmentally costly and tablets become cheaper to produce, teachers will see that kid-proof tablets are more durable than paper books, they can hold a vast number of materials, have touch interface for a more interactive learning experience, and they can be disinfected easier! Looking at the big picture I’d say that Dr. Gibbs is hopping on the wave at the right time. This wave will come to shore, and hopefully we’ll both still be around when it does!

Some of the drabbles I read: Zeus and the Donkey, The Wolf and the Fox in the Well, The Lamb and the Nanny-Goat, The Trumpeter Captured, The Swallow and the Nightingale, The Father and his Lazy Sons. These are all just great little bite-size tales with a small lesson. Guaranteed to yield a smile or an “ooooh”. I see this as a literary equivalent to swiping on snapchat stories/subs or going to the explore page of Instagram! It’s hard to put down because you just want to read the next one! And then the one after that. And then maybe one more. But, okay seriously this is the last one… maybe…

The tiny love stories were neat. Some of them cute, some sad. I like that they included pictures! It’s funny to see such personal moments shared on one of the world’s biggest news companies. The internet is cool.

Oh ho ho ho. I saw that reddit mention and had to explore. I used to be big into Reddit and I still hop on my laptop every now and then. This sub was spooky stuff! Some of them were grotesque. Some were very cringy. Some were funny. Once again, the power of the internet is great. Anyone can submit. The people upvote. The cream rises to the top… of the sorted feed.

Six word stories were cool as well. I’ll have to go write mine…

The Hint Fiction NPR interview almost put me to sleep, in a good way. I liked hearing about the bar bet with Hemingway and the history behind 6-word stories. This interview might belong on r/unintentionalASMR.

Links: Learning about microfiction w/Dr. Gibbs

Image source, creepy Shaq

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