I’ve heard about King Arthur, the sword Excalibur, knights of the roundtable, etc. but I’ve never actually read the stories! edit: I chuckled the whole time reading this. Hard to take it seriously when I watched Monty Python and the Holy Grail with pops over winter break.

The drawing of the sword: I like how honorable Arthur is throughout this story and how thankful he is to his parents despite them not being blood. From the beginning, it’s clear that Arthur isn’t one to cause a stir, as he doesn’t say anything to contradict his brother when Sir Kay tells Sir Ector that he is the rightful king. Also props to Sir Kay for being honest and revealing that Arthur gave him the sword. Good brothers. Goodness, so how long was it before Arthur was anointed King? They had to let the holidays of Candlemas and Easter pass, and allow Knights from all over a chance at pulling the sword.

The sword excalibur: Cool! So Arthur has Merlin the Magician in his back pocket to heal all his wounds and such after knight fights. This story tells of how Arthur acquires his legendary sword. Strangely enough, it comes from a protruding arm in the middle of a lake. Arthur talks to the Lady of the Lake, and she tells him that the sword is his, but she wants to be able to cash in on a favor at a later date. Arthur agrees, then he and Merlin hop in a dingy and retrieve the sword. Boom! Why is this story so short compared to the rest?

The Round Table: Arthur decides to take a wife, and he finds Guenevere the fairest when asked by Merlin. Merlin goes off with a company of knights to let King Leodegrance know of Arthur’s desire to wed his daughter. The King is ecstatic at the news and sends the Round Table of Uther Pendragon to Arthur as an endowment. This table can seat 150 knights! Was it really round tho? King Arthur loves his new dining set and sends Sir Lancelot to fetch the Queen-to-be. Arthur is in such a good mood he knights his brother-in-law and some peasant too.

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