The Harpies and Capaneus: After meeting the Centaurs in the first section, Chiron commands the centaur Nessus to guide the living man (Dante) and Virgil on their journey, to take them safely across the ford to view the boiling tyrants, murderers and warriors. The group views the Harpies in a wood and comes across Capaneus, a warrior who has disdain for the Gods. Zeus struck his ladder with a lightning bolt when he was attempting to scale the walls of Thebes.

Jason and the Demons: We were introduced to the beast Geryon in the previous chapter. This winged giant serpent with the face and arms of a man is going to be the gang’s ride down to The Eighth Circle: Malebolge. Malebolge is a place in Hell that translates to “the evil trenches”. The crew gets off of Geryon and start walking until they set eyes on Jason. Virgil warns that pimps and seducers alike will be condemned. Jason abandoned a pregnant Medea. The Second Chasm consists of the flatterers. These people are covered in excrement. Again, Virgil displays his familiarity with the place by warding off Demons he knows by name and allowing safe passage for himself and Dante.

Ulysses and Diomede: Dante and Virgil talk to Ulysses here. The sea-faring man who longed for home in his epic tale of the Odyssey just couldn’t resist the worldly temptations brought on by travel. The souls of Ulysses and Diomede are confined to a fire, and after asking for a tale of how one of them died, Odysseus answers. Odysseus tells the tale of how he set sail again for the West and saw Spain, Morocco, and the island of Sardinia. He saw many places and left Seville to starboard (right) and then headed south until he met his death.

image source, Map of Hell by Sandro Botticelli

bibliography source

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