The story is heating up! Onto the action!

The Battle with Grendel: Grendel sounds like a yetianderthal chimeric mage and I’d like to see a good representation of him, but it’s hard to get a consistent google images pic. We’ll go with the 1908 illustration from J.R. Skelton, as seen in the feature image! What a great little tussle between Beowulf and Grendel, all while the men are still asleep in the hall! Beowulf comes out victorious and is able to rip an arm off of the beast. Grendel ate one sleeping man in the hall sadly. The villagers come to the hall to marvel at the Christian Hemsworth-esque hero and his prize from the battle.

A New Misfortune: Yeeeaaa VICTORY. Time for Beowulf to get druuuunk haha. Oh no it looks like trouble will strike again when the guard is down and good times are had. This story so far seems to be a brief exemplification of the cyclic nature of good times and bad. A messenger brings news that a new demon, likely Grendel’s mother, has murdered the beloved Lord Aescher in a gruesome fashion. Beowulf, still riding his wave of stardom, decides that the earls and he will take on this second beast. Unferth apologizes to Beowulf for ever doubting him, gives him his Hrunting sword, and promises to follow him to the edge of the world. Some really sappy bromance between the two and now they’re off on swift horses courtesy of King Hrothgar to slay this new beast.

Beowulf Battles Grendel’s Mother: Another great battle! Beowulf sinks to the bottom of a lake to find a cave housing the wretched mother of Grendel. He comes upon her hair of hissing snakes and slimy lean body only to get into another physical tussle. Where’s your sword!? He attempts to use the Hrunting sword, but she seems impervious to its jabs. The monster has placed a spell on Beowulf, so the pressure is on to finish her. He hurls her away and finds a cave sword that he cuts her in half with. Beowulf leaves the cave with Grendel’s head and the magic cave sword he found.

image source , Grendel illustration

biblio source

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