The Gods: This one interested me since I’m talking about the Greek Gods a little bit in my storybook! I could imagine some of these short fables being told with some loose drawing animation and a nice british narrator, lol. I like how there is a little lesson like in “Jupiter and the Monkey” or a laugh like in “The Cat and Venus”. Also, I did not know that Luck (Tyche) was an actual Greek God! Cool! Makes sense, as I’ve heard the phrases “Lady Luck” or “Lady Fortune” before, but I just never put two and two together. Tyche (Roman-Fortuna) is the Goddess of fortune, prosperity, and destiny.

People: Classic short tales here that have definitely been the inspiration for books and movies that are still in circulation today. “The Man and the Goose” reminded me of the film Puss in Boots! Oh, the tale of Socrates is forever a sad one! The tale of “The Dog and the Quaker” was an eerie one, as it’s scary to think about how violently or grotesquely the religious can snap. A Catholic priest in Louisiana and a Muslim man in upstate New York are two cases that come to mind.

Lions and Asses: Okay I feel like I have to stick with taking notes over Davies and Smart, as the rest of them are just a little too English. I enjoyed Smart’s rhyming translations and LG’s notes greatly add to the clarity as well. I like how this passage had some carry over tale-to-tale as the Lion was greedy and mean in the first tale, dead and disgraced in the second.

Bibliography source

Image source, Cornelis Cornelisz. van Haarlem – The Fall of the TitansĀ 

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