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  1. Howdy Grant!
    You’ve got some great stuff working here in your storybook. Just to get it out of the way, I’ve gotta say I absolutely lost when I clicked through that link to the Achilles flash game. I wasted so many hours playing that game when I was a kid. Moving on to your actual storybook though, I love that you went the interactive story route. I had kinda wanted to try it out myself, but I just couldn’t figure a way to make the stories I wanted to tell work with it. I really appreciate you adding in the “(storybook)” notation on the option you need to take to continue the storybook. That way, if they want, the reader can run through the “correct” path in a streamlined manner instead of running down dead end paths and having to jump back a few pages and reorient before moving on. Last but not least, concerning the content itself, I think the idea of Odyssey side adventures sounds really promising. I can’t wait to see where this storybook goes!

  2. Hi GD, I am really confused about your storybook. I do not know if I simply cannot find your story or if it is not there yet? I clicked all of the buttons for the storybook from your introduction page but when I finally go to click on first, second, and third bard nothing comes up besides “double-click this passage to edit”. If this is simply my navigation error I apologize, but if not please fix this soon so we can all read your story because I went ahead and read some of your past blog stories and you did very good! I really want to see what you have written so if you don’t mind send me a quick email when it is fixed or point me in the right direction so that I may leave you some good feedback!

    1. Apologies for the confusion. I do not have any stories up at this time, just the Twine game introduction. Story 1 (Bard 1) will likely be coming in Week 8!

  3. Hey Grant,
    So, I was feeling pretty good about my storybook. I’ve got some fancy google maps embedded, and some cool banner images and even a nice GIF in my first story. But then I go to look at yours, and now I think mine is underwhelming in comparison. Your interactive take on the storybook is the most interesting one I’ve seen so far. Even though the actual story has not begun yet, I really enjoyed clicking through all of the screens and going back to choose different options. I felt like I was playing an old fashioned quest game more than I was reading a story!. I definitely want to return to your storybook at a later time to see how it unfolds. Aside from already loving the style, The Odyssey is a classic tale that I enjoy. Great job Grant and keep up the awesome work

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